chakras ascending.


    "All of our sense organs function in response to the geometric or proportional- not quantitative - differences inherent in the stimuli they receive. For example, when we smell a rose we are not responding to the chemical substance of its perfume, but instead to the geometry of their molecular construction. If our tactile or haptic sensibilities were responsive to the same frequencies as our eyes, then all material objects would be perceived as ethereal as projections of light and shadow." Sacred Geometry, Robert Lawlor


    "I am; I feel; I do; I love; I speak; I see; I understand"

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    " If one’s mind is always occupied with the materialistic thoughts, his intellect will never reach the eternal sunshine. It’s important that we as a being spend or I rather say invest some time everyday in idealistic thoughts to achieve our own intellectual growth." ~~Kazi
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    bacon wrapped sweet potato fries

    No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.
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    I have to say that a year ago, I never pictured my life would be this way,
    right at this moment. It’s funny to think how last year I had everything I could ever of wanted and within a year’s time everything fell apart. I bathed myself in alcohol (metaphorically), gave my lungs a hell of a time…

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